The Fifth Wave Initiative is a suite of program offerings focused on supporting expansion-ready women-owned/led digital media businesses in southern Ontario. Applicants interested in participating in any aspect of the Fifth Wave Initiative must first apply for review and acceptance to the Fifth Wave Connect program. Adjudication of applications are made on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Each annual cohort of Fifth Wave Labs will be announced on this website, and require an additional application by companies that have already been accepted into Fifth Wave Connect. Other opportunities within the initiative (like Fifth Wave Outreach) are by invitation only to companies in the Connect program.

Click here to apply now to Fifth Wave Connect. 


Companies are eligible to apply to Fifth Wave Initiative if they are:

  • Women-owned/led small or medium-sized digital media enterprises
  • Incorporated and based in southern Ontario
  • Mid-to-later-stage businesses with a product/service in market
  • Content, service or technology-enabled businesses
  • Export-ready

At least 30% of the participants will be drawn from:

  • Women with disabilities
  • Neurodiverse women
  • LGBTIQA+ women
  • Indigenous women
  • Women of visible minorities
  • Women in rural or remote regions
  • Newcomers to Canada
  • Women from Official Language Minority Communities (OLMCs)

Key goals for this program include:

  • Helping women-owned/led companies grow, strengthen and become truly financially sustainable
  • Facilitating access to values-aligned capital to women entrepreneurs
  • Supporting organic enterprise growth through bespoke programming
  • Providing a welcoming culture and transformative experience for everyone, including mentors, investors, coaches and partners
  • Enabling thoughtful, intentional disruption
  • Encouraging and leveraging the power of intergenerational learning
  • Creating an environment where women’s earned/learned experiences and insights are valued
  • Improving support and outcomes for women founders by recognizing and valuing their primary caregiving responsibilities (where applicable)

For further information about the program, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

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