Comweb/Whites Jay Switzer Indigenous Creator Award

Paul Bronfman, Chairmain/CEO of Comweb Corporation/William F. White Int’l and Slawko Klymkiw, CEO of the Canadian Film Centre (CFC), are exceptionally proud to announce the creation of the Jay Switzer Comweb/William F. White Int’l Indigenous Creator Scholarship as a tribute to the late Canadian media figure. Administered through the CFC, the $100,000 award will be distributed over the next 10 years to eligible residents of CFC core programs.

    Jay Switzer

    Jay Switzer helped build and lead some of Canada's biggest broadcasting entities. He got an early introduction to the broadcasting business: his father was cable engineer "Sruki" Switzer and his mother was Citytv co-founder Phyllis Switzer. Jay rose up the ranks at Chum Ltd., from switchboard operator at just 16 years old, to president and CEO in 2002. Jay was instrumental in expanding CHUM into new markets – notably he wrote the licence application that would bring MuchMusic to air. In 2010, Jay co-founded Hollywood Suite, where he was chair of the Board of Directors of the independent Canadian broadcaster. Jay also served as vice-chair of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters. In 2017 Jay was made a Member of the Order of Canada in recognition of his contributions to Canadian broadcasting and film and television production. Jay was beloved and respected in both personally and professionally, and was a dedicated, loyal, and loving husband, son, son-in-law, brother, mentor and friend to many. Jay passed away from brain cancer in January 2018Read our original In Memoriam piece for Jay here.


William F. White International Inc. (Whites)

William F. White International Inc. (Whites)  is a Comweb Group member company. Founded in 1963, Whites is Canada's largest and most iconic provider of production equipment to the entertainment industry. With offices across the country, as well as in Budapest, Hungary, the company services productions of all sizes from coast to coast and houses an extensive state-of-the-art inventory. The Whites group includes Whites Camera, Whites Lighting & Grip, Whites Location Equipment Supply Inc., Whites Specialty Equipment and Whites Studios Inc.

Comweb Corporation

Comweb Corporation was founded through a partnership with Paul Bronfman and famed writer/producer Stephen J. Cannell in 1988 to build and manage Canada’s first Hollywood-style studio complex, North Shore Studios in Vancouver. The studio was the home of original smash TV series hit, The X-Files. Comweb Corporation is also the parent company of William F. White International Inc. Whites provides state-of-the-art production equipment, studio facilities and services to the Canadian and international film and television industry. Comweb Corporation is a founding shareholder of  Pinewood Toronto Studios, an 11-stage production lot, which includes the Mega Stage, one of North America’s largest purpose-built sound stages. Comweb Aviation Inc. offers private jet charter services to entertainment industry and corporate clients.