Participating Start-Ups

Participating Start-Ups

Canadian Start-ups


Creatubbles is the safe global community for creators of all ages. With users in more than 50 countries, it lets people share their experiences and creations safely, whether at home, school, events or other activities. Creatubbles seeks to connect the dots between natural human creativity, technology and business to inspire and bring out the best in us, including our youngest and most vulnerable. Creatubbles API allows any third-party app, platform, site or solution to save creative output directly to Creatubbles, positioning it as the logical aggregation point for children's authoring tools.

Discourse Media

Discourse Media is an independent, for-profit media company. We provide high-quality, consequential journalism about complex issues. We not only reveal problems, but also point possible paths forward, helping our audience move from dismay to possibility, passivity to action.

Little Robot Friends

Little Robot Friends create connected toys and apps for learning code and electronics. Designed for age 7 and up, our products make learning code fun and engaging, encourage the creative exploration of math and music, and inspire curious minds to discover their inner inventor.

Paddle HR

Paddle HR helps large organizations match existing talent to new internal career paths. People voluntarily leave their jobs most often because of a perceived lack of opportunities, especially when many organizations are so complex that their employees cannot see the next viable job. By recommending great career options, Paddle HR helps organizations keep top talent and employees build rewarding, diverse careers. Its matching algorithm, powered by 330 million peoples’ career histories, trains its machine-learning models to predict subsequent career moves. The product leverages this intelligence, not only to offer high-level analytics to human resources leaders about internal mobility, but also to provide employees exciting internal career choices.

French Start-ups


DOWiNO is a creative studio whose job is raising, awareness, educating and training around issues with a strong social dimension such as sustainability, public health, disability or solidarity.

These complex topics require easy-to-use tools that offer emotionally stimulating, enjoyable and engaging experiences. We custom design these tools for public and private organizations.

Cap Digital

Created in 2006 as a non-profit organisation, Cap Digital is today recognized as the biggest cluster in Europe and one of the largest innovators’ collective in the digital ecosystem. Since 2014, we have been certified as 'Cluster of excellence' by the European Commission (Gold Label).