In Development


COREY SWANSON, a mild-mannered deli clerk who slices cold cuts for a living, is good at hiding his unhappiness.But the grey cloud that’s hung over Corey’s head since high school is about to lift. SHEENA HALLIDAY, his ... See More.

I Believe In You

Fresh out of college, Lucy Lewis gets a job as the assistant a stand-­up comedian, Jonah Lee. As Lucy's opinions infiltrate his act, Jonah's success mounts and he soon becomes known for his uncommon insight into women's... See More.

Nearly Wed

After discovering that their six-year marriage was annulled without their knowledge, and now facing the choice of whether to break up or stay together - Will and Parker Reed decide to take the road less traveled and see... See More.


It’s a Friday night in Berlin and the city’s on the edge of a nervous breakdown. A general strike has suspended all travel, stranding to... See More.

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