Distributed: A Beginning

“The rules of our economy were invented by particular human beings, at particular moments in history, with particular goals and agendas. By refusing to acknowledge the existence of this man-made landscape and our complicit... See More.


Emilia is a thesis project that investigates solutions to mitigate loneliness by supporting elders to connect with their families and friends through more intimate and tangible interactions.Loneliness is caused by one... See More.

Habitat 44: The Art of Reconstruction

An architectural model of a pavilion is fabricated, recorded in holographic space, and positioned with its virtual self, playing on a duality of what is physical and what is virtual. Illuminated glass objects interact with ... See More.

Habitual Instinct

Habitual Instinct challenges the predefined expectations participants hold with their relationship to technology and data by exposing anthropomorphic projections onto autonomous systems. The role Habitual Instinct has with... See More.

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