2020 Sound

2020 is a system for film and television audio professionals, empowering them to create tighter and more focused dialogue in their soundtracks. In film production, actors and microphones are constantly in motion. The relativ... See More.

A Decade of Mad Cow Disease

This research examines the use of data visualization not only to inform audiences about a particular event but mainly to humanize data and uncover the missing content and hidden stories. This research uses digital storytelli... See More.

AI Stylist: What Do I Wear? Mobile Application

This thesis project is an exploration of the process of getting dressed, and how it’s incredibly complex. The What Do I Wear? mobile application functions as a personal stylist, utilizing an artificial intelligence agent tra... See More.

Designing a neuroatypical weather-based planning tool

Designing a weather-based neuroatypical planning tool explores suitable ways in which technology can support people with Asperger’s Syndrome to plan their work in their terms, subs... See More.

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