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Faisal Anwar, Deborah Hession

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Move, play and learn with CULTURALL ACTION PACT.Through the use of an interactive sculpture of a flying bat, Accessible Action Pact engages kids with physical disabilities to learn by using their bodies to control the bat as it explores a virtual world before them. The bat's metal skeletal frame easily adjusts to accommodate most sizes of wheelchair. Different sensors and adaptable buttons can be plugged in for alternative interactive play. An adjustable touch-video screen is attached so that teachers or attendants can assist in the play if the user is having difficulty.Accessible Action Pact was created by Deborah Hession and Faisal Anwar and produced by the CFC in partnership with the CulturAll network (The Banff New Media Institute and The University of Toronto's Adaptive Technology Resource Centre). Future applications may include use by educational environments and therapeutic centres.