Parker's Fall

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Struggling with a lifelong battle with mental illness reluctant 35 year old socialite Parker Barclay decides to end her life. In that darkest moment Parker’s suicide is hijacked by Alice, a smart-ass sixteen-year-old, and her dog. Alice tells Parker “It’s my fault they’re dead” and without hesitation steps off the bridge leaving Parker holding the dog. This chance moment on the bridge changes the trajectory of Parker’s life when she becomes obsessed with discovering why Alice jumped and who she thinks she killed. While keeping her matriarchal Grandmother and gun for hire therapist from committing her again, Parker finds herself partnered with a grieving dog while she delves into Alice’s world to find answers. She volunteers at the Youth Centre Alice frequented run by the tough as nails former psychiatrist, Barb. Parker teams with the charming yet arrogant youth police officer Steve to manage the world of street youth and find out what or who Alice was so afraid. Through working with the street youth Parker realizes that by rescuing others she can start to rescue herself.


Karen Nielsen


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