Small Pond Glory

Clara 2


Clara Altimas




Small Pond Glory is the better-late-than-never coming of age story of Harriet Gord, a thirty year old Debbie Downer type who is finally forced to deal with her broken past when she receives news of her mother’s passing. Harriet makes it through her mother’s funeral but her plans of a quick escape are derailed when She’s filled in on her mother’s dying wishes. Apparently she and her perma-smiling sister Jo are to co-direct the town’s annual Christmas Pageant, their mother’s legacy. The estranged sisters begrudgingly begin to (re)build their relationship and the Christmas pageant from the ground up. Working through the ups and downs leads Harriet to rediscover joy in things she’d long forgotten, find forgiveness for mistakes of the past and maybe even embrace a little glory in a very small pond.


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The IN DEVELOPMENT is a short promotional piece that is a "visual logline" for the feature project the filmmaker has developed with the CFC over the last five-and-a-half months.