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Marc Tetreault

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In this coming-of-age feature set in the long hot summer of 1995, 14-year-old bookworm Abe is packed off to summer camp and embarks on an earnest quest to make new friends. Abe’s own meekness and a bunk of bullies conspire to make summer a living hell. Think saran wrap under toilet seats and regular pants-ing in front of girls. Inspired by a mystical comic hidden in the walls, Abe creates a Golem that comes to life to help and defend him and his bunkmates. At first the Golem makes Abe a veritable camp celebrity, but Abe’s new found popularity gets to his head, as he alienates the very bunk-mates he was trying to befriend. As camp prepares for the annual 3 day Colour Wars event, Abe and his Golem are recruited by the bully bunk who end up turning on and thoroughly embarrassing Abe in front of the new Israeli girl Abe thinks he likes. The Golem comes to Abe’s defense in a scarily aggressive way and spirals out of control putting campers in danger. Now Abe must summon the courage to kill his monster, putting his own safety and popularity on the line, but potentially becoming a true hero.


This summer, Abe will make new friends


The COMING SOON is a short promotional piece that is a "visual logline" for the feature project the filmmaker has developed with the CFC over the last five-and-a-half months.