Experience works of art and innovation at CFC Media Lab Exhibition 2007: Digital Alchemy 

Toronto, September 24, 2007 – As the streets of Toronto come alive celebrating the artistic and cultural riches of Nuit Blanche, The Canadian Film Centre is set to proudly unveil the next generation of ground-breaking interactive art and entertainment concepts at the CFC Media Lab Exhibition 2007: Digital Alchemy; taking place at the Lennox Contemporary Gallery from September 27th to September 30th. Created by the graduating residents of the TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program (IAEP), the Interactive Project Lab and the Interactive Narrative Feature Program, the CFC Media Lab Exhibition 2007: Digital Alchemy is a free public exhibit that showcases five new interactive entertainment projects for the Canadian and international marketplace plus Late Fragment, North America's first dramatic interactive feature film.

This year's residents have pushed the boundaries of learning and imagination,merging multiple platforms to create projects that are at the intersection of art and technology, creating inventive concepts that: foster social interaction, tell compelling stories and promote the creative aspects of new media. Pushing the evolution of art and entertainment, the 2007 CFC Media lab graduates have elevated technological trends to an exciting new level.

Harnessing a wide range of creative skills and knowledge, the CFC Media Lab's TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program (IAEP) is Canada's first post-graduate program for new media training and production, based on the philosophy that compelling content is created through a collaborative process. This team-based approach encourages residents from a variety of backgrounds, including: design, filmmaking, production, writing, visual art, music and programming. An internationally acclaimed facility, CFC Media Lab has produced award-winning new media prototypes ranging from simulation-based interactive documentaries, to wireless storytelling networks, to interactive short films and narrative-driven media installations.

The projects on exhibit include: LMNO PICS, an online interactive language tool that allows kids to search through family photos online. Using playful letter blocks, a unique spelling board, and an interactive interface, kids explore their world! When you place a letter on the board, LMNO PICS gets to work! It searches for all photo-tags beginning with that letter. If you add another letter, it searches for all photo-tags with that letter sequence. If you spell a word LMNO PICS celebrates with you. Created by Mary Plasterer, Sarah Townshend,Dave Reynolds and Jason Goodman, future applications may include commercial and educational web/home language learning tool. Visit for more information.

Unearth and assemble the fragments of history embedded in our country's landscape. STRATA is a mobile-based, GPS enabled, interactive mediascape featuring Canada's National Historic Sites. Over the last thousand years,Canada's landscape has developed from wilderness to townships and urban sprawl. Using a GPS enabled phone, people visiting the Historic Sites featured in Strata are guided through a series of locations, called “waypoints”. When they arrive at a waypoint, a segment of story depicting the early development of the site plays on their phone. Strata was created by A.R.E. Mobile, a collaborative new media company formed by residents of the CFC Media Lab's Telus Interactive Art and Entertainment Program. Created by Katie Kehoe, GregoryRichardson, Brule Seignoret and Sanjay Papinazath, future applications may be used by museums, tourism offices and cultural attractions. For more information please visit

WITNESS THAT PLACE is a locative media project that explores the psycho-geography of the city through the telling of stories of trauma in public urban spaces. Through a series of online mappings and marked site specific locations in the city indicating stories of trauma in public spaces, the project interrogates notions of space, place, memory, trauma, and restoration through a storytelling framework. Creators Patricia Lee and Sarah Shamash envision Witness That Place to be used by support groups, community activism and shared web-based storytelling. For more information please visit

WORLD WITHOUT WATER is an interactive new media installation that transforms hand washing and the every-day convention of facing a bathroom mirror into a global action through An everyday convention of facing a mirror becomes a global action in World Without Water. Turn on the taps and enter an immersive worldwide play of images from desert dunes to ice fields. Create a fractured rendition of “There's a Hole in the Bucket”. This interactive installation connects to internet site Flickr for a one-of-a-kind experience that may transform you or the world. WORLD WITHOUT WATER was created by:Tahir Mahmood, Suzette Araujo, Kalli Paakspuu. Future applications may include eco-friendly messaging in retail environments. Visit for more information.

Move, play and learn with CULTURALL ACTION PACT. Through the use of an interactive sculpture of a flying bat, Accessible Action Pact engages kids with physical disabilities to learn by using their bodies to control the bat as it explores a virtual world before them. The bat's metal skeletal frame easily adjusts to accommodate most sizes of wheelchair. Different sensors and adaptable buttons can be plugged in for alternative interactive play. An adjustable touch-video screen is attached so that teachers or attendants can assist in the play if the user is having difficulty. Accessible Action Pact was created by Deborah Hession and Faisal Anwar and produced by the CFC in partnership with the CulturAll network (The Banff New Media Institute and The University of Toronto's Adaptive Technology Resource Centre). Future applications may include use by educational environments and therapeutic centres. Visit for further information.

LATE FRAGMENT, an interactive film by Daryl Cloran, Anita Doron, Mateo Guez,Anita Lee, and Ana Serrano, addresses a new language for filmmaking in the 21st century, where viewers can impact the way the story unfolds by navigating the interlocking narratives of the film with a simple click of their remote. This interactive film is an important model of collaboration in leading-edge experimental dramatic content and format that will be engrained into Canada's filmmaking history.

LATE FRAGMENT's multi-plot, non-linear and interactive narrative lets audiences discover the stories of three strangers. Faye (Krista Bridges), Kevin (MichaelHealey) and Théo (Jeff Parazzo) are drawn together as participants in a restorative justice process, where victims and offenders share their stories. Emotionally broken from the violence they have experienced, they turn to the restorative justice process in hopes of finding wholeness, balance, forgiveness, redemption and a sense of safety.Three story lines interconnect, and thisunique cinematic experience allows the viewer to “play” a creative and interactive role by weaving in and out of the film's story lines – whenever they choose –by clicking the remote. Future applications may include interactive cinema, DVD, Television and web.

Visit for further information.

EVENT DETAILS: Thursday September 27th 7-10 p.m. Media / V.I.P. Private Viewing & Reception. Late Fragment Performative Screening at 8:30 P.M.Friday, September 28th & Saturday, September 29th - Open to the public: 12 p.m.- 5 p.m.Saturday, September 29 & Sunday, September 30Nuit Blancheextravaganza - Open to the public 7 p.m. – 7 a.m.

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