Toronto (August 15, 2007) - The Canadian Film Centre (CFC) and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) are delighted to announce the world premiere of Late Fragment, North America's first interactive dramatic feature film, at the 32nd Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), as part of the Future Projections program. Late Fragment, an interactive film by Daryl Cloran, Anita Doron, Mateo Guez, Anita Lee, and Ana Serrano, addresses a new language for filmmaking in the 21st century, where viewers can impact the way the story unfolds by navigating the interlocking narratives of the film with a simple click of their remote. This interactive film is an important model of collaboration in leading-edge experimental dramatic content and format that will be engrained into Canada's filmmaking history.

Six two-hour presentations of this powerful and unique interactive film will take place at Toronto's CAMERA BAR & SCREENING GALLERY (1028 Queen Street West), where interactive screenings will be performed live, premiering September 10th at 7 pm, 9 pm and 11pm. A second series will take place on September 12th at 7 pm, 9 pm and 11pm. The performances will be followed by a Q&A with the creators. Personal viewing stations will be set up where viewers can “play” their own version of the film, and discover the magic behind this new and innovative cinematic experience.

Late Fragment's multi-plot, non-linear and interactive narrative lets audiences discover the stories of three strangers. Faye (Krista Bridges), Kevin (Michael Healy) and Theo (Jeff Parrazo) are drawn together as participants in a restorative justice process, where victims and offenders share their stories. Emotionally broken from the violence they have experienced, they turn to the restorative justice process in hopes of finding wholeness, balance, forgiveness, redemption and a sense of safety. Three story lines interconnect, and this unique cinematic experience allows the viewer to “play” a creative and interactive role by weaving in and out of the film's story lines – whenever they choose –by clicking the remote.

In 2003, the CFC Media Lab initiated the Interactive Narrative Feature Program (INFP) to experiment with every aspect of interactive filmmaking – from creation through distribution – to increase Canadian capacity and talent in interactive narrative production. For the INFP's inaugural project, the CFC Media Lab joined forces with the National Film Board of Canada, who brings a history of successful collaboration and content innovation, and a commitment to impeccable storytelling as a co-producer of this revolutionary dramatic interactive feature film.

About the CFC
The CFC is Canada's largest institution for advanced training in film, television and new media. A leader in the rapidly changing entertainment landscape, the CFC is committed to promoting and investing in Canada's diverse talent; providing exhibition, financial, and distribution opportunities for top creative content leaders from coast to coast. CFC Media Lab provides a unique training, research and production think-tank environment for emerging new media artists, content developers and practitioners. CFC Media Lab has been experimenting with the interactive narrative form since 1997 and in the past ten years, have produced over 80 prototypes ranging from web-based interactive documentaries to “shuffle videos” — the creation of randomly generated movies on the i-Pod. CFC makes a significant cultural and economic contribution to Canada by launching the country's most creative ideas and voices in film, television and new media to the world. For more information please visit:www.cfccreates.com.

About the NFB
The National Film Board of Canada produces and distributes bold and distinctive social issue documentaries, auteur animation and digital content that provide the world with a unique Canadian perspective. Since its founding in 1939, the NFB has created over 12,000 productions and won over 5000 awards, including over 90 Genie Awards. The NFB also won its 12th Oscar® this year for the animated short The Danish Poet, directed by Torill Kove and co-produced by Norway's Mikrofilm AS and the NFB. The NFB is renowned for its technical innovations and is a leader in content for new platforms. For more information about the NFB or to order films, go to www.nfb.ca or call 1-800-267-7710.