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IDEABOOST Cohort 7 Meets for First Weekend Intensive

By Margaret DeRosia ● April 12, 2018 11:30

The Canadian Film Centre Media Lab’s (CFC Media Lab) IDEABOOST Accelerator recently held the first of its four weekend intensives from March 23 to 25. Here, experienced executives, investors and staff met, mentored and challenged the five Cohort 7 companies and their founders: Lesley Klassen (The Campfire Union); Paul Greenberg (Creatubbles); Erin Millar (Discourse Media); Sid Bhargava and Pat Whelan (Paddle HR); and Alexa Roeper (Penta Medical). Read more about their companies and connect with the founders here.

Enjoy these highlights!

Clockwise from top: a group sits and listens to a man at the podium; a woman speaks in front of banners; a group moves through an open space, looking at scattered pictures lying on the floor.

Clockwise from top: IDEABOOST program director Aaron Williamson sets the stage; IDEABOOST managing director Ana Serrano delivers opening remarks; Everyone gathers for an icebreaker.

A white wall with colourful post-in notes on it.

Program director Aaron Williamson facilitated a mix of formats, from founder pitches to mentor-founder product demos; from playful icebreakers to one-on-one “office hours”; from diving into “what won’t work” to celebrating what has; and from brainstorming to optimizing business models.

Clockwise from top left: a woman stands and speaks to someone; the same woman holds a wristband device as she speaks; the same woman sits working on her laptop computer in an empty space.

Alexa Roeper, Co-founder and CEO, Penta Medical.

Clockwise from left: a man in close-up, smiling; a different man speaking, looking off camera; both men in a long shot together, speaking to a woman whose back is to the camera.

Sid Bhargava (left) and Pat Whelan (top right), Co-founders and CEOs, Paddle HR.

Clockwise from top left: a woman speaks, as if at the front of a room; the same woman stands smiling; the same woman speaks to another person near her, with others in the background.

Erin Millar, Founder and CEO, Discourse Media.

A long narrow table full of people eating lunch, as seen from the foreground.

Networking continues over a delicious lunch.

Two shots of the same man, speaking and pointing to a screen, part of his presentation.

Paul Greenberg, Co-founder and CEO, Creatubbles.

Clockwise from top left: a close-up of a man smiling, with his hands on his hips; the same man adjusting a computer screen on the left, while a different person in the foreground wears a VR headset; the same man speaks to a large crowd of people seated in chairs before him, in a bright, airy room.

Lesley Klassen, CEO and Co-founder, The Campfire Union.

As viewed from the back of the room, a group of people are seated and listening to one man speak at the front.

This year's cohort represents five strong later-stage companies, each of whom will benefit from an increase in per-company funding this year, up to $50,000 from previous Accelerator cohorts.

Exterior shot of a beautiful building and its entryway.

Site of the Accelerator's first weekend intensive, the Northern Dancer Pavilion on the grounds of the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto.

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Photos by Brian de Rivera Simon.