Network Re:Connect Photo Diary

By Margaret DeRosia ● December 08, 2017 15:20

Two-photo gallery: One man shows another man something on his phone (left); a crowd stands in small clusters talking (right).

On Wednesday, December 6, CFC Media Lab's IDEABOOST community gathered at "Network Re:Connect," at the House of VR in downtown Toronto, one of our Network Connect companies. Ana Serrano, Chief Digital Officer, CFC, announced that IDEABOOST Cohort 7 will open for applications between January 10 and 21, 2018. Remember: only Network Connect companies can apply; read more about the IDEABOOST Program and Network Connect.

Three-shot gallery: A woman stands on a small podium speaking into a microphone (top left); close-up of a different woman looking off to the side and speaking into a microphone (top right); low-angle shot of both women standing (bottom).

Serrano also introduced our new IDEABOOST Program Manager, Lindsay Ellis. Ellis shared some exciting developments on the horizon next year that she and longtime IDEABOOST mentor-turned Program Director, Aaron Williamson have been planning. Namely, there will be four new knowledge-exchange events in 2018 for the IDEABOOST-Network Connect community, one per quarter, in 2018. So if you're thinking about joining, apply here to be a part of Network Connect.

Two-shot gallery: A black banner propped up against a wall painting of a cityscape on a grid (left); a close-up of a bowl of chocolates and small propped-up banner, with a woman in the background.

Check out the evening below, photos by Brian de Rivera Simon.

A close-up of a woman listening to a man whose back is to the camera, with another woman beside her listening.
Two women smiling and talking while a man in the centre listens.
A woman smiles and listens to a group of people talking.

Four-shot gallery of men talking to each other in small groups of two and three.

Three women smiling and gesturing playfully at the camera.

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