Announcing IDEABOOST Accelerator Cohort 6 Companies

By Catherine Jheon ● February 16, 2017 09:00

The mood was convivial and celebratory last night for the announcement of the six companies that will be part of CFC Media Lab’s IDEABOOST Accelerator Cohort 6.

“It was a particularly difficult adjudication process this year,” said Ana Serrano, Chief Digital Officer, CFC, and Managing Director, IDEABOOST. “Our Network Connect community, from which we make selections, is growing stronger than ever. Cohort 6 is made up of the highest potential companies in similar and/or complementary stages of growth in this already remarkable community.”

"We pride ourselves on not being your typical pre-accelerator program," said Amy Davies, Program Director, CFC, IDEABOOST. "Our secret sauce is our customization and a firm focus on helping our companies achieve product-market fit, go-to-market strategies and access to investment. And it’s always a fun journey.”

Congratulations to the chosen six below. The four-month bootcamp for startups in the entertainment and media industries will kick off March 3.

Brinx Software Inc.
Mission: To democratize the creation of 3D artwork.
Description: Launched in early 2015, Brinx has built virtual reality products for major enterprises such as Lockheed Martin and Shopify. Its MasterpieceVR is the world's first collaborative VR platform that dramatically simplifies 3D sculpting and painting.
Founder: Jonathan Gagne (CEO)
Customers: B2C: VR users, artists

Mission: Dedicated to exploring and defining the evolving language of cinematic VR.
Description: DEEP is a Canadian/German studio dedicated to exploring and defining the evolving language of cinematic VR. Led by multiple Emmy award-winning filmmaker and innovator Thomas Wallner, DEEP utilizes cutting-edge technologies to create highly immersive stories. To meet this challenge, DEEP is evolving Liquid Cinema, a suite of sophisticated proprietary players and tools that allows the authoring and distribution of story based cinematic VR content across multiple platforms and devices.
Founder: Thomas Wallner
Customers: B2B - Google, Wall Street Journal, ARTE, ZDF, NDR, MDR, BR, 360 Labs, Koncept VR, Cream Productions, Mercury Films, Vienna Tourist Board, University of Southern California; Partnerships - Vimeo, Fraunhofer Institute, Heinrich Hertz Institute, Two Big Ears

Company: Little Robot Friends
Mission: To get kids engaged in learning code and electronics with a focus on three key areas: creativity & expression, social & self-awareness, problem solving & critical thinking.
Description: Creating connected toys and apps for learning code and electronics, designed for age 7 and up.
Founders: Mark Argo (CEO) & Ann Poochareon (COO)
Customers: B2C - parents, teachers; B2B - maker spaces, libraries, schools

Company: itsme3D
Mission: To be the way we all become avatars.
Description: Itsme creates animated, photo-realistic full-body 3D avatars. Avatars are a valuable, habit-forming social asset that can be used for social VR/AR, online shopping, minimizing business travel, gaming, marketing and personalized emoji. Itsme removes friction from the avatar-creation process and allows us to scale quickly by providing an on-boarding experience that is fast, free and fully automated. Our population of avatars leverages network effects for growth and increases in value as more use cases come online. We have created a secure, private platform to capture transactional avatar-related purchases for years to come.
Customers: B2B - Telus, Samsung, Shopify, Cadillac Fairview, Mosaic

Mighty Cast (The Nex Band)
Mission: To democratize wearable technology and empower our community to make their own smart bands every day, hour, or minute.
Description: Mighty Cast’s The Nex Band is the world's first programmable smart band with a focus on the gaming industry. Nex gives complete creative freedom to users to create their own smart band every day, hour or minute. Whether it be double-tapping to open your garage, turning your band into a Spotify controller, or lighting up in celebration every time your team scores a run, it only takes a second or two to program, or “hack” your band. Targeting the GenZ and millennial demographic, Nex is now partnering with many of the top mobile gaming and content companies.
Founders: Adam Adelman (CEO) & Belinda Takahashi
Customers: Partners - Niantic/Ingress, GoPro (controls camera); In-talks - Ghost in Shell (film release March 31), Hawkin game studio, LMFAO

Company: Synervoz
Mission: To make people feel and be more connected to who they want, when they want.
Description: Synervoz builds audio and voice communications software. Its flagship app, turnmeup, allows anyone to listen to music and talk at the same time using headphones. The music volume adjusts automatically when somebody speaks so that users can have totally spontaneous conversation while listening to their own, or synchronized music.

Founders: Jim Rand (CEO) & James Meier (CTO)
Customers: B2B partners - Slack, Amazon, IBM

Visit for more information on CFC Media Lab’s IDEABOOST’s Network Connect and Accelerator program.

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