Highlights from IDEABOOST's First-Ever Startup Summer Social

By CFC Staff June 16, 2016 17:15

The sun was shining on the lusciously green grounds of Canadian Film Centre as invited startups arrived bright and early for the first-ever IDEABOOST Demo Hub on Saturday, June 11, 2016. The Startup Summer Social brought together alumni companies, our Network Connect community, and IDEABOOST Accelerator Cohort 5 companies, which include SAM, PinchVR, BigTerminal, Repable, Eigenuity Inc and Navi.

The private audience made up of industry insiders and entrepreneurs easily mixed business with pleasure as they mingled with startups to a tasty tune soundtrack provided by IDEABOOST alumni company, Mediazoic’s RadioMogul. The invited Network Connect startups walked the audience through their IP, talking case studies, newest features and developments. For example:

  • Greenlight Essentials: Proved the power of data to generate box office predictions - plotting movie attributes vs. an ‘enthusiasm index’.
  • Juniper: Exhibited how their platform rewards YouTube fans for engaging with Creators.
  • Mobio Interactive: Invited guests to explore flight as an eagle and regeneration through mindfulness using an EEG headband for biofeedback within the VR environment.
  • SlateGo: Illustrated how to track digital pitch package elements with storytelling selling software.
  • Qoints: Demonstrated how “crowd sourced taxonomy for digital marketing” will retire the need for consolidation of CSVs in “smart” decision-making processes.
  • Videogami: Presented e-sports highlights and how they measure streaming signals for reaction, rendering highlight clips based upon the density of live interaction.
  • Vubble: Handpicked Videos. For You. Read more about co-founders Tessa Sproule and Katie MacGuire here.

Theban Ganesh, mentor and founder of North Forward Inc., spent time with one of the newest Network Connect company members, Ali Ogston, of Juniper. “It’s exciting to meet companies at such a stage of development with so much future ahead,” he commented.

Juniper helps to incentivize YouTuber channel engagement by offering rewards and recognition to fans, taking viewership to the next level. With 60 YouTuber creators signed on already, Juniper hopes to launch into formal BETA by mid-July. “What I gathered from Theban as far as feedback and possible direction for our product roadmap was incredible insight.” 

The afternoon wrapped by electing Videogami as the most innovative startup. Juan Gonzales of Tribal MX graciously accepted the honour, “I’m thankful for the continued growth, momentum and for being on the right track in the e-sports industry.” Videogami ingests approximately 50,000 hours of live e-sports streams per week and identifies the best moments. With 80 per cent of revenue in e-sports coming from sponsorship dollars, users of Videogami can add banners and digital promos to accompany their best “clipped” moments. 

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Thank you to photographer Aida da Silva, and to our event partners Pizzaville and Flow Water.

We appreciate the contributions and commitment made by our founding partner Corus Entertainment. IDEABOOST is supported in part by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.