IDEABOOST Welcomes 6 New Startups to Cohort 5 Accelerator

By CFC Staff May 16, 2016 09:35

Exciting news! CFC Media Lab launched the fifth cohort of our IDEABOOST accelerator the first weekend in May. Congratulations to the six chosen companies and best of luck to them all as they embark on their four-month journey with us.


BigTerminal is developing a news and data platform that extracts valuable insights from news, social media, and financial data sources for users in the news, media and financial sectors. 

Sector: Data Analytics Finance and Media
Value proposition: Provides customers and consumers with a competitive advantage and high-quality insights about news, financial data, people, and products.

We believe BigTerminal will disrupt the data analytics industry, structuring interconnections between news, financial data, people and products. With proof of concept achieved and their website in BETA, Adam Rabie (Founder, Software Engineer), and James Vopni and Geoff Strickland (Software Engineers) have designed a system to save investors research time and empower them with insights. The Toronto-based company was founded in 2014. Check out BigTerminal’s website

Eigenuity Inc. 

Eigenuity Inc. engineered Madlipz, which brings essential elements of voice-overs to a mobile platform making it easy and fun to make video parodies.

Sector: Mobile App (Voiceover Parody Videos) Entertainment
Value proposition: Allows consumers and brands to build audiences and express themselves by adding voices to parody videos that go viral.

Eigenuity Inc., was founded by three university classmates, Amirhossein Alikhanzadeh, Amirali Afshar and Sean Doroudi. Influenced by the imaginative nature of voice dubbing activities (from sock puppets to action figure role models), Eigenuity developed Madlipz, a mobile app for voiceover parody videos. Enabling users to record three layers of voices from a range of character voices, Madlipz gives video parodies a professional sound and feel. The app has universal appeal with a library and a global database that is not limited by language or culture. Eigenuity Inc. was founded in July 2015 and is based in Toronto, Canada. Watch the MadLipz app video sample. 


Navi is an embeddable smart feed, that help publishers utilize AI to better engage their mobile web audience.

Sector: Publishing and Adtech
Value proposition: Builds deep learning-powered solutions to help publishers better engage their mobile web audience and unlock new revenue.

Navi’s AI engine will revolutionize the relationship between adtech, publishers and online audiences. Co-founders, Adeel Zaman (CTO) and Marylin Ma (CEO), have figured out how to attractively deliver what every online reader wants and when they want it. Installing Navi is as simple as pasting a snippet of javascript code on the client’s website. Optimized for mobile, Navi identifies the focal subject of web pages, and then augments content with contextually relevant insights like related social posts, actions like the ability to buy the item referenced, or more stories on the topic. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Waterloo. Try Navi now!


PinchVR is an interactive VR controller and mobile app for creating, collaborating and distributing immersive content. PinchVR’s platform is open-source and their VR controller is recyclable.

Sector: Immersive Entertainment
Value proposition: Allows consumers and companies to take advantage of interactive VR and to create and present environments and ideas with their mobile phone.

Milan Baic, founder of PinchVR, and his development team, which includes Vlad Dascalu, Thomas Porinchu, Macy Kuang, Davis Wu, and Danny Galic, want to open up possibilities in the virtual reality space by making it accessible, affordable and highly interactive on mobile devices. Pinch Controllers (Pinchers), an attachment accessory for mobile VR headsets, allow for a more intuitive way to interact with immersive environments and objects. The coined “mouse for VR” operates within the Pinch Studio platform, which is collaborative in nature as well as open-source. PinchVR wants to make “VR Touch for everyone” a reality. Founded in 2015, the Toronto-based company already has 1,000 consumers via an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. Check out their demo


Repable provides analytics and insights, delivering a white glove experience for e-sports, gamers, streamers and sponsors looking to increase social net-worth.

Sector: Data and Engagement Tracking, Analytic Tools (gaming), E-Gaming and Entertainment
Value proposition: Provides analytics and insights to help brands reach young millennial customers using popular social platforms like Twitch.

An analytic tool and engagement tracking system,  Repable’s technology tracks trends, compares audiences, predicts big breaks and makes audience growth recommendations for online entertainment players. Co-founders Heather Anne Carson  and Sean Power, along with Donald Donovan (Back-End Development), have designed a system to help streamers maximize income and sponsors promote smart partnerships. Repable provides data science-backed report cards, weekly to-do lists, at-a-glance dashboards and allows for API integration capabilities. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Toronto. Visit Repable Co. website.


SAM is an online platform that powers end-to-end social work flows for the modern newsroom, from search to curation and storytelling, streamlining verification, media rights and more.

Sector: Publishing and Media
Value proposition: A comprehensive platform that helps professional journalists and publications find and vet social media sources and content that supports news gathering.

Social Asset Management (SAM), is the leading social media news-gathering platform trusted by newsrooms around the world, powering better storytelling for the world’s leading media brands. Founded by James Neufeld, with Bruce Johnson (Executive Chairman), and Graham Lovelace (Advisor), SAM powers comprehensive search, allows for intelligent creation of workflows, and provides the ability to custom social embeds. The Alberta-based company is already generating revenue and recently closed a $1.5 million capital round, with Associated Press as a lead investor. Demo SAM’s technology now.

Thank you to our Founding Partner, Corus Entertainment, and photographers Mike Tjioe and Ida Da Silva. IDEABOOST is funded in part by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. 

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