Best Wishes to the 2016 Digital Futures Graduates on 'DESTINATION: TOMORROW'

By CFC Staff April 29, 2016 10:20

CFC Media Lab welcomes the 2016 graduating class of the Graduate Program in Digital Futures to our community of esteemed alumni. Since the inception of the graduate program in 2011, CFC Media Lab has partnered with OCAD University to accelerate the development of talented creators, academics, and entrepreneurs eager to lead Canada's digital future.

On Friday, April 15, 2016, 22 thesis projects from the master's program in Digital Futures were unveiled to a packed audience at OCAD U's OPEN GALLERY. The exhibition, entitled 'DESTINATION: TOMORROW', featured a variety of concepts ranging from VR installations, to hybrid live theatre, real-time video performance, mobile applications and more. Some of the works are featured below:

1. The Ipperwash Beach Walk

With a dedication to experiential design and locative/hybrid films, Monica Virtue’s thesis project brings voyageurs along a historic trail on Lake Huron’s edge among indigenous communities. Via smartphone, geo-locators and counter mapping, explore GPS points correlating to how settlers colonized Ipperwash Beach.

2. Microcosm

Hart Sturgeon-Read's thesis project combines play theory and cybernetics. His developed game, 'Microcosm,' is played not to be won, but to be played infinitely, keeping all participants engaged within a dynamic network.

3. Sitting Under A Highway

Hector Centeno Garcia developed his thesis project, 'Sitting under a Highway,' focusing on immersive sound, visuals and interactivity. 'Sitting under a Highway' incorporates virtual reality, hand tracking devices, headphones and an electroencephalography band to draw the audience into photorealistic 3D visuals and spatial audio.

From relevant and recently developed elective courses such as 'Dialogues in Feminism and Technology' to 'IP: Getting Value from YourCreativity,' OCAD U offers a diverse education for a variety of digitally forward careers. Core curriculum includes industry internships, residencies and independent study geared towards graduating professionals within the media, arts, and technology sectors.

Since launching the program in 2011, more than 70 creators have graduated. If you're interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Digital Futures, please email for more information.

Photographs provided by Umar Amanullah