Exciting Changes for Some CFC Alumni and Staff

By Cory Angeletti-Szasz ● June 16, 2015 15:20

At CFC, we try to keep our friends and followers informed and up-to-date about the goings on of our alumni. So, it’s with excitement that we share some news about a couple of CFC alumni who have remained close to the CFC since they completed their residencies, working tirelessly behind-the-scenes on our film, TV, acting and music programs to help shape and evolve the programs for future residents.

CFC said goodbye to Rechna Varma, originally an alumna of our Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Producers’ Lab and former Executive in Charge of Production & Post, in May. Rechna headed up the production and post team at the CFC for the last four years and was an invaluable part of that team. She increased our production values, deepened the support for producers and directors, and kept us up-to-date with new technologies, ultimately enhancing the look and sound of CFC productions. As a result of her hard work and leadership, producer alumni of our Cineplex Entertainment Film Program leave CFC better equipped to lead a production effectively and our director alumni are leaving with an enhanced toolkit. Rechna also helped us integrate the Slaight Family Music Lab (launched in 2012) into our many productions, increase our pool of production and post-production partners, and expand our team of production volunteers, so as to ensure that our sets ran as professionally and as safely as possible.

We are pleased to share that Rechna has accepted an offer to join a fellow CFC alumna and CFC mentor, Virginia Rankin, at Sphere Media Plus as their Manager, Business Affairs & Production in the Toronto office. We love to see our alumni working together in the screen-based entertainment industry after they leave the CFC, and this is a prime example of that! We wish Rechna much luck in her new position at Sphere Media Plus.

Another alumna of our Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Producers’ Lab who we have been lucky to have on our team for the past four years is Kerry Young. Kerry Young is CFC’s Manager of Production and Business Affairs. We haven’t had to say goodbye to Kerry just yet, but we are excited to announce that Kerry will be attending Law School in the fall!

Kerry put her banking background to good use during her time at CFC, and ensured that our financial reporting for productions was in tiptop shape. She helped us develop new Business Affairs systems and tracking measures, which enabled us to actually present our showcase pieces online. As a producer alumna, Kerry cared deeply about the kind of experience and support we provided to our producers, production managers and volunteers, as well as our relationships with the production and post-production community and with the unions and guilds. We are very grateful for all of Kerry’s hard work at the CFC, and we wish her lots of success at law school!

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Erin Burke, not a CFC alumna per se, but certainly a valued and long-time member of the CFC family, has taken over as the new Executive in Charge of Production & Post. Previously, Erin served as the Executive in Charge of Production and Manager of CFC Features. Erin was an instrumental partner to the program and to Justine Whyte, Director and Executive Producer, CFC Features, for over 14 years. She helped us navigate many of the changes in the feature film industry and managed our partnerships in this arena. Her creative and business skills, her commitment to the CFC, and her resourcefulness are precisely the skills that will help her successfully spearhead our Production and Post Division!

We extend our best wishes to Rechna and Kerry as they embark on these exciting new endeavours, and we look forward to seeing Erin continue to shine in her new role at the CFC!

Cory Angeletti-Szasz

Manager, Communications