2015 IDEABOOST Launch Pad Event

By Christine Liebig ● June 02, 2015 09:10

2015 IDEABOOST Launch Pad Event
Atrium | Corus Entertainment Building
25 Dockside Drive , Toronto, ON
Wednesday, May 27, 2105

IDEABOOST - Canada’s only digital entertainment accelerator - launched its fourth cohort of companies last week. The celebration took place in the fabulous Corus Atrium situated along Toronto’s Waterfront. Invited guests, comprised of a curated community of technology and entertainment influencers including founding sponsors Corus Entertainment and Shaw Media, strategic partners, angel investors, IDEABOOST alumni and the media, were entertained by recent alumnus Mediazoic’s music player, as they explored the current cohort of IDEABOOST company exhibits, while imbibing on complimentary wine and sampling a steady stream of delicious hors d’oeuvres.

High winds and a stormy lake may have animated the building’s exterior, but inside all was calm and yet peaked with curiosity and anticipation for the highlight of the evening – the five pitch presentations given by the founders of the newly emerging digital technology companies that recently completed the CFC Media Lab’s accelerator program’s 4 month bootcamp.

“Each IDEABOOST cohort always has its own particular flavour. For this fourth group of companies, it’s a spicy blend that combines team maturity[1] with great products that have a clear value proposition for customers, liberally seasoned with juicy metrics that prove market demand. It’s not often we have a cohort where ALL companies participating can boast having all three elements to pitch to potential investors and customers.
Ana Serrano | Chief Digital Officer, CFC

Each of the five companies, whose products ranged from drone tracking, embedded ad video and file sharing technology, to commerce-enabled media and rewards and music aggregation apps, was given 10 minutes to present on stage. Roughly eight minutes was allotted to pitch their product offering, making clear their value proposition, market positioning and merits for investment. The evening’s host, Nora Young of the CBC’s SPARK radio program then asked each founder two challenging questions pertaining to their product and/or business segment in the remaining two minutes. The caliber of these emerging companies was evident in their confident responses.

"I was impressed by how well thought-out the companies were - very creative ideas but grounded in reality. I came away with a clear vision of the needs the companies were meeting now, and where they wanted to go in the future."
Nora Young | SPARK | CBC Radio

Impressing many guests was not only the technologically and visually stunning environment in which the event was held (did I mention the 3-story slide?), but the accessibility of the company’s founders before and after the event. Anthony Shannon, founder of TuneStars offered guests the exclusive opportunity to test his product in beta – a music artist/industry/fan aggregation app.

“I am really excited about TuneStars! This app is going to be perfect for me. As a huge Taylor Swift fan, I’m always checking her different social media platforms on a daily basis so that I don’t miss out on what she’s been up to, and to catch up on her new music. It’s amazing that now with TuneStars, there is one app to quickly and easily view all of the content I’m always searching for in one place, without having to open 5 different apps on my phone.”
Paige Mackey | Guest

What the night made evident was the appetite and excitement for digital entertainment-based products, not only from an audience point of view, but from the investment community and sponsors too.

“Corus Entertainment was pleased to host IDEABOOST and its latest cohort of companies in our waterfront home. We've been an enthusiastic IDEABOOST partner from the beginning, and these five companies
were the center-point of a great evening of presentations and networking.”

Scott Dyer | Executive Vice President Strategic Planning & CTO, Corus Entertainment

Equally impressed with both the Launch Pad networking event and by the IDEABOOST accelerator program itself, were the graduating participants.

"Ideaboost is an example of what a comprehensive accelerator should be. It encompasses great strategic mentors, technical and financial specialists and amazing networking opportunities.”
Damien Véran | President, SlimCut Media

With the recruitment process for the next cohort only a few weeks away, the buzz of the evening (accented by an incredible rainbow display just outside the massive glass wall overlooking Toronto Island) seemed to foretell of the success of IDEABOOST’s next bootcamp, scheduled for Fall 2015.

If you are an emergent Canadian company with a great digital product and are interested in being part of Canada’s only digital entertainment accelerator program, we want to hear from you! To learn more about what IDEABOOST has to offer, please refer to our application information.

[1] Several founders are serial entrepreneurs with at least one leading a successful exit e.g. changio's co-founder Dr. Shahzad Malik sold his company CognoVision to Intel.