Quincy Jones Visits The Slaight Family Music Lab Residents

By CFC Staff May 14, 2014 03:05

During Quincy Jones’ visit to Toronto as part of Canadian Music Week, the renowned musician, producer, composer, arranger, etc. took time to reconnect with Norman Jewison (the two worked on In The Heat of the Night together) and meet the residents of the 2013 Slaight Family Music Lab.

One Slaight Family Music resident, Joseph Murray (’13), describes the evening as “surreal”. After hearing Quincy Jones speak earlier in the night and learning about all of the artists the 27-time Grammy Award-winner had discovered and nurtured, Murray was reminded that Jones is “the touchstone of Western music”. He laid the groundwork for what rock, jazz, hip-hop and pop have become.

During the intimate gathering, the residents saw how - at 81 years old - the music industry legend is unwaveringly passionate about his craft. The man maintains a positive, peaceful, and love-centered perspective that is inspiring to all.

The main piece of advice that Murray took away from the evening was that, “you have to put your hours in; you have to work. All these people who become great, it’s not an accident – they work hard to get there”.

Thank you to Quincy Jones for imparting years of wisdom on a group of talented, young composers and songwriters.