By CFC Staff November 21, 2012 17:00

New film developed through the Telefilm Features Comedy Lab, stars Paulo Costanzo, Tyler Labine, and John Cho.

Cameras are set to roll on THAT BURNING FEELING, the new romantic comedy directed by Jason James. The feature film project was developed and workshopped through the inaugural Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab, now known as the Telefilm Canada Feature Comedy Exchange. Paulo Costanzo ("Royal Pains", Road Trip), Tyler Labine (Tucker & Dale vs Evil, Rise of the Planet of the Apes), and John Cho (the Harold & Kumar franchise, Star Trek) are set to star.

In THAT BURNING FEELING, Adam Murphy thought he had it all: a thriving career as a corporate attorney, an incredible quality of life, an endless parade of gorgeous women, and the charm to make it all look well-earned. One night Adam went to bed with everything he ever wanted, and woke up with the one thing nobody ever wants... Gonorrhea doesn't have to be a life-changer, but what starts off as a painful (mis)- diagnosis for the golden boy, triggers a series of events that throws his entire sense of self into question.

The script was written by Nicolas Citton, based on a story by Jason James & Citton. Jason James is also producing the film alongside Marc Stephenson, with Mary Anne Waterhouse executive producing.

Filming begins November 25 in Vancouver, BC.

The Telefilm Canada Feature Comedy Exchange is a CFC North South Marketplace Initiative, in collaboration with Just for Laughs.