IDEABOOST Sprint Three

By Onella De Zilva ● June 25, 2019 14:00

On June 6 and 7, the IDEABOOST Accelerator’s Cohort 8 returned to the Watershed Coworking Space in downtown Toronto for their third sprint session. Read on to see photos from the two-day event.

In Sprint Three, our founders were able to take the insights they gained from the previous sprints and put them into practice with guests from a variety of industries, including Justine Whyte, Director and Executive Producer, CFC Features (pictured above, second from right). 

Mentors, guests and founders catch up before a round of insight sessions.

Our Cohort 8 founders began the Sprint by presenting their most succinct pitches - four minutes long each - to their mentors and guests.

Industry guests Leah Zaidi (left) and Rachel Noonan (centre) offered a fresh perspective to Mondo Forma co-founder Jonah Brotman (right).

Daniel Mathews, co-founder of cohort 8 company Podyssey, fields questions from mentors and guests during the individual workshop sessions. 

Kevin Bache of Cohort 8 company Medistream works with external guests during an insight session.

The mentors gather to prepare for the final sprint, which will take place in July.

Industry guest Mark Walker went in depth with our Cohort 8 companies to explore how each of them can improve their sales process.

After the sprint, our mentors and founders took a field trip to The Funhouse Toronto, an interactive art maze created by one of our Cohort 8 companies, Mondo Forma. 

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Onella De Zilva

Community Coordinator, CFC Media Lab