Tom Barker

Tom Barker

Affiliated Program

OCAD Graduate Program in Digital Futures; ASTOUND Initiative


Tom Barker is Chair of the Digital Futures Initiative at OCAD University Toronto, adjunct professor of innovation at the University of Technology Sydney Australia, and Design Fellow of the 1851 Royal Commission London. 

Tom has worked as a transformational strategist, designer and serial entrepreneur in the fields of technology and design for 20 years. His work includes product designs, the built environment and the digital domain. Tom has extensive applied experience of business and intellectual property creation, innovation development and commercialization. He is responsible for over 20 patents, a number of which have achieved commercial success. Tom built a multimillion dollar business as inventor and CEO of SmartSlab, an interactive digital display technology. His public profile includes appearances on CNN (USA), Channel 4 (UK), ABC TV and radio (Australia), along with over 100 newspaper and magazine articles. Tom is well known for his organisational and leadership skills in building up both commercial and academic consortia to undertake challenging initiatives, business process re-engineering, future forecasting and new market creation.

His extensive commercial links include work with Sony Playstation, Bank of America, Proctor & Gamble, Lend Lease, Unilever, 3 Mobile, O2 Mobile, B&Q, BenQ, Targetti Lighting, Dyson, McLaren, and Sharp Solar. Tom has graduate degrees from Cambridge University and the Royal College of Art, an honours degree from Edinburgh University and a diploma from Imperial College.