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Jason Roks

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Jason Roks
President & Founder, zero in inc.

Jason Roks is recognized across North America for his networking and digital media distribution acumen, and for his ingenuity in predicting and leveraging new directions in Internet and digital communications technologies.

While the digital "fringe" community celebrates Jason as a co-founder of the decade-old file-sharing software pioneer Hotline Communications, Roks' career has roots in design, creative direction and sculpture. His software and media products have won multiple awards, including Best of Show at MacWorld 97.

Roks is a serial entrepreneur and explorer. His projects include p2p content distribution models; media casting models; terminal and network computing solutions; online communities and social networks; knowledge management systems; metaphors for visualization of metadata; broadband and wireless infrastructures; internet exchanges; ambient television; xmltv; video on demand and iptv. He is currently developing a video Content Management System (vCMS) and what he calls User Generated Distribution (UGD).

Jason provides consulting to software developers, broadcasters, advertisers and entertainment companies in the areas of digital media distribution, content management systems, adaptive business modeling, rights management, online guerrilla marketing, emerging technologies, and the prototyping of innovative technology platforms, services and products.

Roks has been featured in various media, including Wired, Time, Maclean's, Saturday Night,Yahoo! Internet Life, Shift, Macworld and Silicon Alley Reporter for his insights on new media economies, digital media distribution, file sharing, online communities and social networks, piracy, copyright, and intellectual property. He has also participated and presented at numerous conferences, including the International New Media Festival, Digital Coast Reporter, MB5 New Media Visionaries, KMDI, nextMEDIA, ICE, MacWorld, iWorld, and XmediaLab.

The wide range of roles Roks has played in diverse media and technology organizations include CTO, RealNews.com, Independent World Television; Producer, iSummit07, New Media Business Alliance; Technology & Digital Distribution Analyst, CBC Broadband and Digital Services; New Media Operative, ZED; and Vice President, Business Development, Hotline Communications.

Jason is a longstanding member of the Canadian Film Centre Lab's technical advisory council, and sits on advisory councils for a number of start-ups, including illuminated.com . He is an enthusiastic contributor to Toronto's tech community as a founding volunteer of wirelesstoronto.ca and an avid Barcamper. He studied philosophy and business at the University of Western Ontario.