Esther Lim

Esther Lim

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Esther Lim
Vice President, Marketing Services, Story Worldwide

DIGITAL MARKETING ENTREPRENEUR specializing in the creation of immersive, multi-platform digital experiences that are measurable, massively social, and interactive.18 years in online marketing,research,digital strategy,social media/community development,creative development,interactive storytelling,cross platform game design/production,online advertising,search,analytics (web, social media,game).

Esther is also a voting member of the Producers Guild of America New Media Council and The Academy of Arts and Television Sciences, Interactive Peer Group.

SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYST: Trending of social media solutions, innovations, tools, and consumer/business adoption. Provide F500 companies with recommendations to build pragmatic, scalable social business strategies. Develop roadmaps/frameworks for metrics setting, knowledge sharing, business case development and team collaboration.

GAME INDUSTRY ANALYST: Market trending of industry disruptions in social, casual, mobile, PC, online, MMOs, and gamification/serious gaming. Focus on social integration, digital distribution, monetization models, game and payment platforms, virtual goods and currency.

TECH BLOGGER: Covering the convergence of social media and gamification on digital entertainment (music, games, movies, TV), education (e-learning/serious games) and enterprise. Quoted in Forbe's article on Women in Gaming, contributor to iMedia Connection on Interactive design.