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John Canning

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John Canning is currently a Partner at New Stack Ventures. Previously he worked for where he translated the prime time TV experience to the second screen and interactive experiences working on such shows as The Voice, Million Second Quiz, Blacklist, and more. Before NBC, Canning was a founding member of, a collaborative, cloud-based video storytelling platform and served as the VP of Product Experience. On the technology and media consulting side, Canning has spent the past 20+ years leveraging his electrical engineering and information design background working for Disney, Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco, Popbox and others focused on technology and methodology of creating and delivering digital media, games and interactive experiences from concept to consumer devices.

On the production side, Canning has filmed and produced in some of the most beautiful and remote locations in over six continents covering stories, companies and causes in more than 60 countries for online, broadcast, film and print media outlets, including MSNBC, MSN, Slate, Expedia Radio, Yahoo Studios,, Around The World Productions, Digital Artists, Green Living Project for such clients as African Wildlife Foundation, CARE, EarthWatch, Children Mending Hearts, USAID, UNDP, and a host of others.