CV Harquail

CV Harquail

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CV (Celia) Harquail, PhD, is a change agent, author, consultant, speaker, and (retired) management professor who advocates that we craft our work, run our organizations, and partner with our stakeholders in ways that lead us and our businesses to be positive forces in the world.

Working at the intersection of organizational change, feminist praxis, leadership, and digital technology, CV helps leaders think differently about the relationships between “business outcomes”, organizations, individuals, and systems. She helps leaders envision a future of work where businesses are profitable, products and work are meaningful, financial returns are consistent and fair, and individuals, communities, and the planet all flourish. She offers practical tools, useful frameworks, and novel resources for initiating and sustaining real change.

CV’s recent book, Feminism: A Key Idea in Business and Society, is the first book to combine feminism and business. Written for both practitioners and students, Feminism: A Key Idea argues that feminist analysis, values, and practices are uniquely able to transform business and the future of work, allowing us to leap over improvements at the margins to shift to a completely different and better way of thinking about and doing ‘business’.

CV consults with startups and small businesses who want to build feminist practices and goals into their businesses, often using the Feminist Business Toolbox she’s created to fuse together ‘lean startup’ methods and feminist values.