Kate Collins

Kate Collins

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Kate Collins is a digital product strategist. She is drawn to companies – big or start-up – going through big transformations. She has worked for some amazing companies – Thomson-Reuters, Turner Broadcasting , eMeta, The Globe & Mail, Torstar and moves back and forth between her consultancy practice and platform- launch gigs. Her most recent product gig was for Skreens, a Boston start-up launching a SaaS cloud platform to bring “connected glass” to life. Prior to that, Kate worked on a design and innovation project for the U.S. DoD, setting up a collaboration network via hacking for humanitarian disaster relief events. For the last two years Kate has been working with the CBC, exploring how the roll-out of an “audacious” goal-setting framework drives change management. She’s acted as a Mentor for organizations such as Code For Canada, Women in Communications & Techology, and the CFC’s IdeaBOOST Accelerator.

Her areas of expertise and interest – customer development, revenue models, innovation practices, audience co-design, design methods, civic technology, storytelling and open data – are all thematically linked by the larger questions of collaboration and how we practice it.