Deepta Rayner

Deepta Rayner

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Deepta Rayner is a corporate leader in Customer Experience and Product Management within the financial sector and former entrepreneur in Customer Analytics.

Deepta recently started her own company, AnalytiCX, which focuses on the intersection of Customer Analytics and Experience. While at Metrolinx, she led the Customer Product, Channels and Customer Experience team to drive the day-to-day results while planning for modernization of the PRESTO payments system. Previously at BMO as Director Enterprise Customer Experience and RBC as Director of Customer Engagement, Loyalty and Rewards, Deepta has pushed the boundaries of large-scale marketing automation, mobile app development and measuring customer engagement. In 2017, RBC Rewards was recognized with the Platinum Award for Client Experience & Engagement by Loyalty360. Before working in the financial sector, Deepta was an entrepreneur in the consumer analytics sector, a thought leader in consumer demographics, ethnic target marketing and location analysis.

Deepta has volunteered with a number of organizations, including Board of Directors for the Planet In Focus Film (PIFF) Festival, United Way Panel Member (assessing business model/strategy/funding requests of member organizations) and is currently President of the Jackman Institute of Child Study Parents' Association at University of Toronto.

Deepta holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management, an Advanced Diploma in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems from the College of Geographic Sciences, and a BSc in Environment and Resource Management from the University of Western Ontario. In addition, Deepta is PMC-II certified in Product Management.