CFC short film MEASURE, produced through the 2018 Cineplex Film Program, saw its world premiere at TIFF 2019.


CFC Content

Throughout our 30-year history, the CFC has been involved in hundreds of groundbreaking and award-winning film and television productions, interactive digital media prototypes and VR experiences. We continue to generate world-class content, products, services and companies for the global marketplace.

CFC Showcases

CFC Showcase pieces are 3- to 5-minute cinematic works based on original content created and developed by residents during their time at the CFC. These productions are designed to promote their talents and projects in compelling, creative and cinematic ways. Associated programs include The Norman Jewison Film ProgramBell Media Prime Time TV ProgramCBC Actors Conservatory, and Slaight Family Music Lab.


CFC Shorts

CFC Shorts are high-quality engaging short films created, developed and produced by CFC residents. These productions are designed to showcase their storytelling and visual style, and have a proven track record on the international festival circuit. Associated program is The Norman Jewison Film Program.


CFC short film FLOOD, produced through the 2018 Cineplex Film Program, saw its world premiere at TIFF 2019.

Still of Sanjay Pavone from "Flood"
CFC Features

CFC Features is a demanding and results-oriented program that, since 1992, has supported and executive produced 23 films and launched the careers of over 100 alumni. Designed to help filmmakers at various career levels, CFC Features is a unique and extraordinary opportunity for writers, directors and producers to advance their scripts and produce their films to achieve maximum critical and commercial success. 



Since its founding in 1997, CFC Media Lab has produced or collaborated on dozens of groundbreaking interactive digital media properties with the goal of pushing the boundaries of new technologies, storytelling approaches, and audience engagement modalities. Its productions have won many awards and garnered much acclaim, and have provided a showcase for emerging artists, new story formats, and unproven technical and production approaches. 



CFC Supported includes projects that have been developed, workshopped or supported through the CFC and its various programs, initiatives and partnerships with a focus on preparing projects for the marketplace.


DON'T TALK TO IRENE, written and directed by alumnus Pat Mills, heads to TIFF '17.

Still of Michelle McLeod in "Don't Talk to Irene"