Milica Stefancic

Milica Stefancic

Affiliated Program

Open Immersion


VR Artist Milica Stefancic has been working at the nexus of culture, advertising and entertainment for over 10 years. Having graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies, she realized that media production requires the same creative, thoughtful and precise approach as making structures, but without the need to adhere to the laws of gravity.

Prior to joining Meld, Milica worked at the edges of possibility with Toronto’s Derivative, a collective of innovators in the field of real-time visualization and Immersion Studios (now Parallel World Labs), where she was creative producer on projects for the Canadian Heritage at Expo 2005, Miami Museum of Science, W5, and Norway’s acclaimed Rockheim Museum.

Milica is passionate about delivering high quality user experiences that stand the test of time, and has worked with Meld on a number projects, most notably the Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit for the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, where she oversaw interactive experience development.