Brad Ford

Brad Ford

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Brad Ford
President, Contiki Holidays Canada

Brad Ford has been developing travel businesses for more than 15 years, and is the Canadian President of the foremost adventure travel company for 18-35’s, Contiki Holidays.
Brad is a champion of experiential travel, and, promoting and understanding the power of effective communication platforms and strategic brand partnership. His collaboration with the Discovery Channel resulted in an innovative, award-winning suite of ‘Discovery Adventures’ tours, and he has worked with pop stars, airlines, entrepreneurs and retail clothing brands to create new ventures that resonate in the youth market. Under his direction, Contiki Holidays Canada continues to lead in social media and digital platforms, engaging youth adventurers to make every second count, and get out and explore their world with #NOREGRETS.
Brad has worked with several Travel and Tourism programs in leading academic institutions across North America as advisor and guest-lecturer, and has spoken internationally on entrepreneurial spirit, the importance of sustainable travel, the influence of pop culture on youth travel, and the new sentience and burgeoning buying power of today’s young consumer.