Andrew Barrett

Andrew Barrett

Affiliated Program

Buffer Festival Industry Day


Andrew Barrett
Marketing Consultant

Speaking at Buffer Festival Industry Day on Thursday, October 16 @ 10:45am

Andrew began his career in packaged goods at P&G, from which he has gone on to work as a marketer for companies including Pillsbury, Molson, JWT, LG, Samsung, Canadian Tire and Cisco. His career highlights include: leading the ‘I AM Canadian campaign’ at Molson, being named Strategy Magazine's Marketer of the Year, being twice shortlisted on Marketing Magazines Marketer of the Year, and working as a Global VP for LG running their global sponsorship portfolio which saw him work in over 40 countries. Andrew has leveraged the power of Social Media to win a Cannes Lion for “”, to turn the Canadian Tire Ice Truck campaign into an award winning global YouTube hit, creating 20 MM views for Samsung’s Dragon & Kangaroo story, and launching the Cisco TO2015 Countdown Clock.