Andy Stack

Andy Stack

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Buffer Festival Industry Day


Andy Stack
Product Manager, YouTube

Speaking at Buffer Festival Industry Day on Thursday, October 16 @ 10:45am

Andy Stack is the Manager of Partner Technologies at the YouTube Space L.A. and focuses on collaborations between creators and the product team. Previously, he led product management for the YouTube Partnership Program, YouTube Analytics, and the financial performance and payment system of YouTube content creators.

Prior to joining YouTube and Google, Andy was a serial entrepreneur mixing media with metrics. Andy co-founded Mozes, the leader in mobile engagement around music, sports, entertainment and causes acquired by ePrize; Stata Labs, a personal media search company acquired by Yahoo!; and DealMaven, a quantitative analysis software company acquired by FactSet. He received his M.B.A. from the Wharton School and B.S.E. from Princeton University. Andy is chairman of The Alchemy, a non-profit focused on educational transformation through art and experience. He is an avid drummer, stage performer, and video creator, and enjoys strapping cameras on his son's head and watching his daughters recreate movie scenes.