Mitchell Moffit

Mitchell Moffit

Affiliated Program

Buffer Festival Industry Day


Mitchell Moffit
Co-Creator, AsapSCIENCE

Speaking at Buffer Festival Industry Day on Thursday, October 16 @ 11:30am

Mitchell has always been captivated by the world around him and understanding the science in our daily lives. After receiving a Biological Science degree from the University of Guelph, he became fascinated by YouTube’s potential to teach and reach people from around the world. With the combination of his partner Gregory Brown, AsapSCIENCE was born with the intent to educate, entertain and inspire people to a similar love of science. Within 2 years AsapSCIENCE has earned over 2.8 million subscribers and nearly 100 million views.

YouTube Channel: AsapSCIENCE
2,800,000+ Subscribers