Alessandra Renzi

Alessandra Renzi

Affiliated Program

Enterprising Culture


Alessandra Renzi teaches critical media production as an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University. Alessandra’s interdisciplinary work explores the linkages and relays between media, art and civic engagement through ethnographic studies and collaborative media production. Her current research investigates how society’s increasing reliance on platforms, algorithms and big data is changing social justice activism. Here, Alessandra’s efforts to develop a more critical and accessible relationships to data analytics have led her to work with groups involved in struggles for housing and environmental justice, most recently in Italy and Indonesia.

Alessandra’s past research-creation projects include the participatory data visualization project Why Jakarta Floods and Art of The March, an interactive visualization archive of the signs from the 2017 Boston Women’s March. Her new book Connective Activism is forthcoming with the University of Minnesota Press.