Ozge Yeloglu

Ozge Yeloglu

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Ozge Yeloglu is Chief Data Scientist, Customer Success Unit at Microsoft Canada. She is focused on fintech and building analytics solutions for some of the biggest financial services companies in Canada. She works directly with the VP Analytics, the CTO, the director of Analytics, and data scientists to help and advise them in building data analytics solutions to increase customer satisfaction, revenue, and efficiency and to optimize their operations to stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive market. 

Ozge has experience as an entrepreneur with an academic background. Prior to joining Microsoft, she was the cofounder and CEO of topLog, a startup focused on predictive data analysis based on unstructured log data. She started topLog in 2013 while she was working towards her PhD degree in computer science at Dalhousie University. Ozge is a lifelong learner and problem solver. Her experience with switching from academia to entrepreneurship has taught her how to solve real-world problems by applying her deep academic knowledge.