Linsey Stewart

Linsey Stewart

Program Completed at the CFC

Cineplex Entertainment Film Program (Writers' Lab), Short Dramatic Film Program

Completion Year

2008, 2009

Current Information

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Linsey Stewart and Dane Clark met during their stint in the Writer’s Lab at the Canadian Film Centre in 2008. Then they fell in love, got engaged and now they spend a lot of time together. Oh god, a lot of time together.

After years in development hell on several films and television projects, they decided to direct their first short together to see how it would go. The film was Long Branch and miraculously it won Best Short at Calgary, Best Short at the Canadian Film Festival, Best Directors at Yorkton and was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award. Their next short, Margo Lily, premiered in Telefilm’s Not Short On Talent program at Cannes.

Individually, Linsey wrote on the hit CBC series Being Erica and Dane’s Praxiswinning script Old Stock was produced through CFC Features.

As a team, Dane and Lindsey wrote and directed the bravoFACT short I Put a Hit on You