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Katie Weekley

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Katie received her Masters of Film Theory at the University of British Columbia, teaching at the school for a year afterwards She decided to take a break from academia and learn exactly how movies are made. She worked in the film industry in the camera department, on Canadian Films such as Vic Sarin’s “Partition” and Bruce Sweeney’s “Last Wedding” as well as large studio pictures like “I, Robot” and “X-men.” Being at the heart of set in a high intensity job really taught Katie to be comfortable with every facet of film production.

Wanting to challenge herself further, Katie began to produce short films such as “Smile” (director: Julia Kwan), “Coffee Diva” (d: Geoff Redknap) and “Birthdays and Other Traumas (d: Katie Yu). In 2008, she won a spot in Canada’s National Screen Institute Drama Prize Program where she produced the film, “The Auburn Hills Breakdown.” This film has screened in over thirty festivals, won several “best film” awards and was recently named “Best Horror Comedy Short of 2009” by the popular website Horror.Com. She has been a finalist at Telefilm’s Pitch this at the Toronto International Film Festival and been invited to the Nordic Co-Production Forum in Haugesund, Norway.

In the fall of 2009, Katie produced her first feature film, “Stained” (director: Karen Lam; cast: Tinsel Korey, Sonja Bennett), a British Columbia/Saskatchewan co-production with Angel Entertainment, supported by Telefilm and SaskFilm. She participating in The National Screen Institute’s Features First Program with the supernatural thriller, “Heaven’s Door.”