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Shelley Eriksen

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Screenwriter Shelley EriksenShelley Eriksen was a Toronto screenwriter who had already been a Resident at theCanadian Film Centre when she applied to the Praxis Workshop in Fall 1997. Her feature screenplay, A Conspiracy of Mermaids, follows the people of an impoverished Newfoundland island as they try to capitalize on the sighting of a mermaid as a tourist attraction; they're thrown for a loop when they discover she's a stranded Italian porn-film star. It's a great premise, and a touching, hilarious script.Shelley worked on Conspiracy with Praxis advisor John Frizzell, and after a rewrite found herself at the centre of a bidding war among nine Canadian producers.

In less than three years since her experience at Praxis, Shelley has written a movie of the week for CTV; worked for two seasons as a writer and story editor on Traders, and is now in Vancouver till December, story editing and writing for the one-hour drama series Cold Squad. At this point, Shelley switches easily from features to episodic writing, and defends her choice to work in television rather than starve waiting for the next long-form project: "There's a perverse TV snobbery among a lot of people."