Angella Mackey

Angella Mackey

Program Completed at the CFC

TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program

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New Media

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Angella Mackey is a Canadian designer specializing in clothing design for electronic garments and other types of functional apparel.

Mackey has worked internationally with partners ranging from research to commercial, including XSLabs (Concordia University), the Textile Museum of Canada, Spaceport Sweden, Smart Textiles (Sweden), The Australian Network for Art and Technology, Ocorant Inc., the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab, and the Social Body Lab (Canada). In 2011 she launched a line of wearable light, Vega, a series of fashionable illuminated coats and accessories for cycling.

Mackey’s expertise lies in the seamless integration of electronics in clothing through fashion design methodologies. She has an intimate understanding of the implications of adding electronics to clothing. Because clothing designed with electronics must actually be worn by a person, solutions must satisfy the physical needs of the body as well as the social needs of the wearer. Mackey creates solutions that preserve the integrity of a garment while still allowing the technology to function optimally.