Margit Hideg

Margit Hideg

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TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program

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Visual Artist


Margit Hideg is a multidisciplinary artist and teacher. Her experience extends to fine arts to the corporate world in the areas of management, graphic design and publishing. An international artist, she has exhibited her work in juried shows in Europe, the United States and Canada. Her work is part of private and public collections around the world. She is represented in Canada by the Galerie Bernardfrom Montreal.

Originally from Transylvania, Romania, Margit lives and works in Cantley, Quebec, Canada, where she finds inspiration in the natural world around her.

"I create art that explores human-earth-universe interconnectedness, using digital and traditional media. Some of my paintings were created based on my photos I take and digitally alter and transfer to canvas or board. The media I choose to work with always depends on how my original photo inspire me to re-invent it into something new by altering digitally and taking back into traditional media such as acrylic paint. Exploring new techniques and experimenting with innovative uses of inkjet printouts help me consider new ways of perceiving and responding to the materials I use and as a result, inspires me to discover different levels of understanding of human-earth-universe relationships.

My art-making become a transformative process, an act of re-creation and personal growth. During this processI have developed the ability to believe in my creative intuition. Art-making for me means the ability to manage my mind in - tree way - and imagine my thoughts flowing through me like the wind through the branches of a tree, and allow my mind to shift and be flexible as tree would.

With my work I am trying to bring people back to nature and community. I find in this life of illusionnary realities created by mass media we are disconnected from ourselves and each other. We stand in danger of being isolated because of our lack of feeling of interconnectedness of all things in life".