Don Anderson

Don Anderson

Program Completed at the CFC

TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program

Title of CFC Production Involved In

My Name is Elliot B

Completion Year

Fall 1999

Current Information

Current Company

We Are Social

Current Title

Managing Director


I am a global media and communications specialist with more than 18 years’ experience in traditional and interactive media involving sales and marketing, business development, product and creative development and strategic planning.

I am extremely passionate about digital media and technology. I have spent much of my life exploring new technologies to understand the complexities and opportunities it presents in bringing people closer together.

My motivation is to continually learn and understand the tools – and the ones yet to be discovered – and how they apply to daily communications.

It is something that keeps me up at nights, and it is something that I have always viewed not as a job but as a hobby and lifelong pursuit.

I view “digital” as all media and communications that can be consumed across varying platforms in digital form, be it on an ipod, PC browser interface, e-mail application, mobile phone, HDTV, DVD or through wireless connections. But it isn’t the delivery platform that is critical – it is the content, whether it is news and information, video-sharing and movie teasers, electronic direct mail advertising and promotions, or via social network sites and in-game advertising.

If the Web 2.0 era was founded on taking the applications off your desktop, fusing them onto the web and spreading their use through social/community networks, the current era is being defined by the killer content app (Angry Birds anyone?), multi-platform convergence, and always on, community-focused social spheres that are defining our own personal credibility and currency.

All this is building toward true on-demand integration between all platforms, be it traditional media, web, mobile, or satellite.

It signals the beginning of something extraordinary.