Tom (Tzu-Ying) Kuo

Tom (Tzu-Ying) Kuo

Program Completed at the CFC

TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program

Title of CFC Production Involved In

Pacu Box

Completion Year

Spring 2006

Current Information

Current Company

Foundation Creative Studio


Tom Kuo is an award winning audio visual designer, producer, technical director and installation artist. Tom is a versatile professional with extensive experience in creating and implementing multimedia installations for custom-designed applications. In his artistic and commercial practices, he specializes in conceptualizing and creating projects for producers who seek meaningful and engaging experiences for their audiences/users. Tom is well-recognized for his capacity to deliver imaginative and exciting results that effectively communicate a unique core message for each project. His client portfolio is diverse, ranging from theatre companies to award winning agencies. Currently, Tom remains an active advisor and designer for various acclaimed creative and design companies. He also maintains a lively artistic practice, creating integrated digital-media performances and art installations.