Deborah Hession

Deborah Hession

Program Completed at the CFC

Interactive Project Lab

Title of CFC Production Involved In

Action Pact

Completion Year


Current Information

Current Company

SIP Media

Current Title

Creative Director/Producer


Deborah Hession is an inter-media artist, interactive strategist and producer with a particular interest in the relationship between the tangible and the virtual/ethereal. Co-founder of Action Pact Designs, Deborah co-develops Into It!, a networked, interactive learn-by-play physical computing system for people who benefit to learning while moving. In collaboration with the Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat New Media Lab and The University of Toronto’s Adaptable Technology Lab, Deborah will investigate the potential benefits the Into It! system may have in advancing learning and socialization skills for children with Autism and ADD. Participant in the 2005 invitational workshop Building Strong Foundations: The Role of Technology in Supporting Pre-School Learners (NESTA FutureLab, Bristol, UK), Deborah looks to realize the interactive toy concept synergized there. Hession is creator and producer of an original, multi-platform, interactive, animated and musical series that follows historical sub-cultural paths; integrating modern visionary auditory and visual expressions. She has created and published 4 children’s books, and is publisher of 3 novels for young adults. Programme Enrolment Advisor for The Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat New Media Lab, Hession produces networking and information events showcasing the innovative interactive narrative works produced within the TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Programme.