Elizabeth Coleman

Elizabeth Coleman

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OCAD U Graduate Program in Digital Futures

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Interactive eBook Producer | Project Manager | Digital Media Strategist | Digital Copywriter


Elizabeth Coleman

Like Erykah Badu, I’m a woman composed of many names—inherited, bestowed or earned. My fascination for names and naming seems to be in clear connection with my love and reverence for poetry and sound: a name, whether spoken or written, is rhetorically bound to relationships, semiotics and organic principles of making sense of the world around us. That’s why I call my sister all of the lamest sounding names I can think of. Just kidding. Just kidding. 

I came to Toronto to study and have found a really beautiful life here. In my past life in the US, I was a DJ , community activist and educator, writer and performer. My favorite person in the world is my little sister—when we’re together we act like kids: we’re thick as thieves. Wherever she is, that’s my favorite place to be. I’m a first-generation student who comes from a family of bakers, am super down to earth, playful, grounded, passionate and try never to judge a circumstance or event without context. 

In the immediate future, I want to be producing really cool interactive eBooks that situate the reader more deeply within a text than traditional flat print can…I want to imagine the future of the book and innovate within storytelling. 

I’m a writer and book artist. During my MFA undertaking, I evolved my print work into writing, designing and producing interactive digital literature (eBooks) that incorporate sound (music, ambient noise and voice) with text, interactivity and multimedia. On my spare time I cook, dance, read, write and relax with friends. I am fascinated with technology and digital innovation.