Jeremy Littler

Jeremy Littler

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OCAD U Graduate Program in Digital Futures

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Jeremy Littler is a Toronto-based emerging technologies and eLearning specialist at Ryerson University. He currently manages the Mixed Reality Production Cluster in the Faculty of Communication and Design. In this role he has developed sophisticated mobile, physical computing, data visualization and 3D printing/fabrication facilities. In addition to constantly researching embedded and wearable technologies, he is actively involved in the design of next generation media distribution and 3D display systems. Jeremy’s accessibility and eLearning focused webcasting applications have been utilized extensively by educational institutions and non-government organizations in Canada and the United States. Jeremy completed a Master of Arts in the Communications and Culture program at Ryerson/York University in 2008.

In 2013, Jeremy partnered with Maziar Ghaderi to presentAugmenting Performance Art with Interactive Technology at SIGGRAPH Anaheim, Interaction13. He has also presented at the Canadian Film Centre (MARS) at the Canadian Women in Communications Conferences. In 2010, Jeremy was the technical architect of Here’s Looking at You, the first simultaneous multi-location mobile webcast of Nuit Blanche. He currently manages Ryerson/Podcamp Toronto conferences and provides technical/media production guidance for numerous projects and events within FCAD. Jeremy’s research encompasses mobile/embedded technologies, bio-articulation, customized electronic interfaces and virtual reality applications. Jeremy positions his work as an exploration of the potential for soundscape design, storytelling and artistic expression within unique performance environments.