Hank Zhao

Hank Zhao

Program Completed at the CFC

OCAD U Graduate Program in Digital Futures

Completion Year


Current Information

Current Company

Gooshii (STORi)

Current Title

Co-Founder, Online Marketing Director


I’ve been in marketing since I finished my undergrad in China. I’ve successfully started a marketing firm in China, as well as been worked for many marketing and marketing training jobs in Canada.

STORi can be considered as the combination of my three previous projects: my east Asia studies project at University of Toronto that examined chinatown, my social media project at OCAD and my business project for Rotman’s Global EMBA program. I’m excited that these previous projects were able to become the foundation of STORi, and I’m eager to complete STORi and expand upon it for future projects.

STORi will provide a platform for exchange of stories, opinions, questions and philosophy between people, especially those who live actively and participate in the society.

The main vision of STORi can be summarized as providing an opportunity for everyone to share with the world his/her stories and be connected by meaningful real life stories, so to speak.

Many of the existing social networks aim to show already famous personalities, and encourages others to follow them. They don’t provide opportunities for average citizens to voice their stories. I believe everyone has some story to tell, may it be comical, evoking, lamenting, or profound.

The problem is people generally don’t record their stories, resulting in loss. Soon, even themselves can’t remember the past stories clearly. I wish STORi can remedy this situation, and provide people with an opportunity to shine in front of the world with their tales. I believe if everyone records his/her life stories, everyone would have many memorable stories to tell.