Hannah Epstein

Hannah Epstein

Program Completed at the CFC

TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program

Title While at CFC

TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program Prototype Creator

Completion Year


Current Information

Current Company

hanski Prods.

Current Title

Creative Director


Hannah Epstein (AKA hanski, AKA Dino King)is a folk media artist currently based in Pittsburgh. Of mixed Latvian and Russian-Jewish heritage, Hannah draws on her liminal identity to drive a psychedelic and collage inspired aesthetic. As a trained folklorist, critical of hierarchical power structures, Epstein’s work often lends focus to the unconventional, highlighting the fringes of cultural practice. Her work is focused on using video games as a tool of satire, by claiming and re-mixing pop-culture icons and imagery she using bottom-up story telling techniques to re-shape popular discourse. She has recently started her MFA at Carnegie Mellon.