Jason Goodman

Jason Goodman

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Interactive Project Lab

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Tailored UX

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Director of Strategic Partnerships & Innovation


My passion for design and innovation began in the classroom: both as a student and educator. I completed my Masters Degree in Educational Psychology at McGill University in Montreal where I was working with the Dean of Education & Research to explore how to reimagine our learning strategies for students with Aspeger's Syndrome by analyzing their online discourse in public online forums. During this time I worked in various elementary, high schools, special needs schools and community centres to pilot new programs with students with various learning and physical disabilities. These experiences were formative, inspiring, humbling and transformational. 

After completing my Masters Degree in 2006, I moved to Toronto to explore interactive design at the CFC Media Lab. The CFC was a tremendous source of inspiration and ultimately, my team worked on a web-connected learning concept that empowers children to explore their digital photos using letter blocks and a computer. The product (called LMNO-Pics) led to the creation of a Digital Toy Design startup called Cieo Creative Inc. 

Cieo spent three years brainstorming and designing web based educational toys and successfully licensed concepts to companies like Zizzle LLC and Hasbro. Between 2007-2009, the demand for digital products for children had not developed, and so like many entrepreneurs before me - we had to make the difficult decision to shut down operations. 

To further develop and hone my business and digital strategy skills, I transitioned into the digital agency space, and for 5 years worked with some of the top digital agencies in the country including Twist Image & Olson Canada. 

Today, I'm proudly working as the Director of Strategic Partnerships with tailoredUX (tUX). tUX works with technology startups in social impact spaces to help grow their business through design.